Meet Elle!



Hello there! I’m Elle, and i’m one heck of a dreamer. I have so many aspirations in life, and finding ways on how to achieve those is my very dilemma in a delightful way.

I’m a loud person, nonsensical most of the time, so sharing my story in a serious mode is something that’s new to me, but is interesting at the same time.

I’m an entrepreneur. A self-proclaimed one (lol!) because I currently own an online shop by the name of The Brown Spot, a fashion dedicated shop where most of the items are on a preorder basis.

I also have three other business pages but since they’re all still “in the making”, I’d rather keep them as a secret for the mean time and will reveal each once they become operational so I do hope you’d visit my blog from time to time for any updates, should you be interested. Thinking of starting multiple businesses with just a one-man-team would be too much, right? I dunno how will I be able to pull all those things up, but by God’s grace, and if He’d will, I know I can do it. (Phil 4:13). I’m gonna shake it off! :p

I love taking photographs. I find most of my shots to be artistic, to be something that can be considered Instagram worthy, to be called a masterpiece even if everybody around me never paid attention because truth be told, they’re all product of “non-sense photography” by me. Hahaha! But it doesn’t matter. I won’t care. I’ll keep on clicking the shutter until all my photographs become a work of art.

I have a different blog that I created 3 years back but I opted not to share it with anybody else.

I’m a selenophile so staring at and admiring the moon is something that’s normal in me.

I’m a thalassophile, lover of the sea. An ailurophile, lover of cats. A yourophile, lover of YOU. :p

Like I told you, I can’t be 100% serious, but if you could take my words seriously and be interested to know the latest, most especially about my business, feel free to enter your information below and I’d definitely reach out to you the soonest time possible.

Enjoy buddy! 🙂

p.s. i’m quite a fan of snapchat filters, thus, the photo. 😉