English. For free?!? 

Yes! You’ve read it right! You can now learn English for free!


Well, before I answer the “how”, let me first tell you the answer to “why”.

English is 1 of the most commonly used language in the world, next to Mandarin and Spanish. It has been widely used for almost every conversation across the planet, helping people connect to each other most especially those that are of different nationalities with different languages.

I know a lot of companies here in my country that offers ESL teaching jobs and I even know some companies that offers home-based work for the said job, which is an implication that English is an in-demand course now adays.

So why do I offer teaching English for free?

First, I am talkative. A very talkative person. I love expressing/sharing my thoughts so instead of talking to anybody else (who might not really be interested with what i have on my mind.lol!), I would rather make my habbit useful by having free/open conversation to someone who would like to talk to me. As long as our topic is something that is not hitting below the belt, then let’s get it on! 🙂

Second, I would love to have friends from all over the world. Of course, I would understand if you’re here only to learn english. I respect that. But i just want to let you guys know that I can be your friend. I am not the terror teacher who would scold you if you did it incorrectly. I am here to help. I may be your teacher, but I am your friend. Please take note of that.

Third, I would like to learn more. Yes, I will be teaching English but I know that in the process, I can also learn from you. I don’t know what would those knowledge be, but one thing’s for sure, I am excited about the thought of me learning from my students as well.

Fourth, I want to gain more experience in teaching English via the web. I had like 2 hours of experience before (lol! What?!) so I at least have an idea on how the session goes, but I would love our sessions to be a non-traditional one. Something like “you’ve got a question? Go ask me!” ..


Am I planning to have an online ESL teaching business soon?

I couldn’t answer right now because I actually don’t know how it goes, technicality wise, so I’d just enjoy what’s on my table for now. 🙂

Alright. So how?

1. Add me on Skype.

Since we do not have any formal system to use, the best way for us to communicate is via SKYPE so if you have an account, kindly add me to your contacts. Please search for Elle Hucal. I have attached a screencap below just to make sure that you’ll be adding the right account. If you do not have a Skype account, you may send me a private message on my Facebook page (check below) so we could talk about it.

2. Check the schedule availability.

This will be posted on my Facebook page so please don’t forget to LIKE and FOLLOW my account.

3. Book the available schedule.

This will be done via private message too.

Every session has a length of 15-20 minutes so prior to the chosen schedule, i’ll let you choose as to what topic would you like to talk about so we could maximize our time. 🙂
If you have any questions, comments, clarifications, or whatever it may be, please do not hesitate to send me a message thru the following:

Skype: Elle Hucal 

Here’s the screencap of my Skype profile. Just add me anytime!

Viber: 0996-7700753 (appears as Ooops)

Please don’t forget to LIKE my Facebook Page for you to know the schedule, and for any updates. Click here to go to my page.

Thank you so much!

Talk to you soon!

Elle ❤


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