What is PayMaya?

Just last March, I went back to business full time by reopening my online boutique named The Brown Spot which has been in hiatus for 5 years. Yes! 5 loooong years!

So, with that being said, I am quite struggling to hit that sale though I understand that it would take time for me to regain the crown that I once had. (lol!) I then saw this “sponsored” post on Facebook so I thought of doing sponsored post for my shop so as to gain higher traffic but what hindered me is the fact that I don’t have any card to use to pay the fee for sponsorship.

Ugh! Smart Money card has expired. 1 MC has no funds AT ALL (hahaha!). Another card (payroll card from my last employment) has few funds in it, less than a hundred, but it has no Visa nor MasterCard logo so therefore, I’ve got no other choice but to sit and melt. After few hours of sitting, I tried to search for cards that has a Visa or MasterCard logo and that’s where I found PayMaya.

I’ve already heard about PayMaya before because one of my kumare is into networking and this card, I believe, is what they use for their sales to be remitted to them, but I never really searched about this before so here I am, sharing with you all what I found out about PayMaya after my somewhat intense (lol) research just a few days back.

PayMaya is a free app that gives you a virtual Visa Card that you can use to shop online, book flights, and more, even without a credit card. Just download the app, load up, and shop! (source: PayMaya website)

It is a virtual card which means that everything is being processed/used over the web. Now a days, people are being reliant on the internet. Online purchases and flight bookings via the web has been rampant but there are still some people who are incapable of doing such transactions just because they don’t have any Visa nor MC card. So, for us who don’t have those types of card, PayMaya’s existence is such a good news! We can now owl on CebPac’s page for that Pisofare sale! Hoooray!!

Credits to newsbytes.ph for the photo.


Another good thing is, PayMaya has a physical card that can be used for purchases here in the PH and abroad! See? We can now be sure that after hitting that “Book a Flight” to HK, we don’t need to worry on where we can store our pocket money as PayMaya is giving us a way on how to keep our money safe and on the go.

I know this is just a few info about PayMaya. I haven’t used my virtual card yet as I need to top it up first so let me cut it off for now and i’ll definitely update this post once I have my card up and running.

Feel free to visit their website should you want to know further about the card.

 ***Update as of April 26,2017***

So, since i am so eager to use my Paymaya account, i did my very first top up last Monday, April 24,2017. Minimum top up is supposed to be 150.00 (amount depends on the loading station’s policy) but since it’s my cousin’s business, i asked her if i could just load 50.00 on it, and she agreed.

I received the funds real time and voila! my Paymaya account has been fully activated. I then clicked the button that says “view card” and in a matter of seconds, i became ready for my very main goal in getting this virtual visa card, to sponsor a post on Facebook for my online boutique.

Once you click the “view card”, you will be redirected to a page that shows a picture of a visa card with your name, your 16-digit card number, the date of expiration and the 3-digit cvv code. 

Most of all, everything can be done via their app so just go to the playstore or appstore, look for PayMaya, download it, and register your mobile number. 🙂

When you’re ready to top your account up, just provide the number that you registered and once funds are loaded, you will receive an sms confirmation, and once you check on the app, the main page will show the current balance on your account.

There you go beshies! I’m a happy Paymaya user here. I was able to sponsor a post for my business, gaining higher traffic to the page, and i’m just waiting for traffic’s conversion into sales. Hooray!

If you have a question or anything, just send me a message anytime on my page, The Brown Spot, and i would be glad to talk with you. 

Meow Meow, Elle .. 


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This is from the bottom of the blogger’s heart as she is very happy about how helpful PayMaya will be for her business. 😉

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