The Lady King

We all wanted to be that one person that we’ve always been looking up to. The tycoon, the superb, the powerful one in every sense. There’s nothing wrong with admiring other people because that’s part of us being human but what saddens me is the fact that most of us think that magnificos are male. Just male.

I’m not misandric nor am I being gender biased.

It’s just that with today’s generation, where women are being empowered, we should all learn how to look on both genders equally. Tycoons can be a he or a she. The powerful can be a she or a he, and the dictionary doesn’t just contain “magnifico” but “magnifica” as well.

My Own Story

I grew up in a family where my parents were both doing their own way of earning money for a living. My mama used to, and has always been in the buy and sell industry ever since she was a kid. My papa was a company guard back then, and after receiving the separation pay from the company he worked with, purchased a motorcycle-turned-tricycle that was used to generate income for the family.

I never had any idea as to how we were living before. Were we being looked up to? Were we being criticized? Were ends meeting? Were we okay? I never really knew, and I never really cared because the only thing that I cared for was my studies. Not that I’m an honor student though. I’m just a mediocre student who was an avid fan of Tweety Bird and Hello Kitty. That was in the year 2000.

3 years after. 2003. My papa was stricken by Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, and 1 month after being diagnosed with the said illness, he passed away. Since then, mama was the only one who raised me and my brother. I really didn’t care that much about how our lives were going, not until 3-4 years ago when I started to meet random people that unconsciously enlightened me about anything and everything in life.

I started to see how strong my mama was, how sturdy she was amidst all the trials, failures, and persecutions, and that very moment when the light bulb in my head started to blink, I knew for a fact that we were raised by a king. A female one. A tough, lady king.

I saw how much of a failure I am, and how weak of a person I was, and still even am.

Criticisms are everywhere. Failures keep on trying to knock me down. Trials are trying to demotivate me, but hey, I was raised by a king, and so a tough lady king I am going to be.

The tough lady king’s castle were being torn down by the negative vibes that surrounds it, but I would never sit down and prattle with them just to prove them wrong, but rather I’d pile bricks up and help strengthen the empire that the tough lady king has created.

We may not be a tycoon, nor a magnate, nor even in the Philippines Top 10,000,000 Richest People, but to have our own powerful empire built on strong foundations would surely be more than enough.

Cheers to all the lady kings out there!

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13 thoughts on “The Lady King

  1. There are some things I also realized when I already experienced adulting. I learned that there is so much more to admire from my parents. I learned that some things I thought were important does not really matter anyways. There are also things I learned to deal with positivity as what we need in life.


  2. I always admire my mother. She’s my lady king. We look up to our parents first and they lay the foundation. But many times we forget to notice the struggles they go through to bring up us and to what we are now. Life offers both hurdles and opportunities, but there’s always hope to look forward to. Inspiring write up 🙂


  3. You got yourself a Wonderwoman as your mama! My mom is a beautiful goddess, and tough, too. I love how you’re so proud of your mother and that you’ve appreciated all the efforts she had done only for you, because she unconditionally loves you. I know full well that you’re an awesome woman too. Cheers x


  4. My mother is a tough and emotional woman. I learned a lot from her especially my passion for cooking. My mother loves to experiment on cooking and thats one thing I acquired from her. I rarely seen my mom since they are left in the province. I havent visited them for years. Thank you for this reminder, I think I should be booking a flight home. This made me missed my mom so bad.


  5. You can’t get any stronger than a Mama fighting for her kids’ welfare. And doing it alone. Fending for yourself is hard enough without taking on the responsibility for a couple other lives depending on you. It takes the hardest kind of strength to pull that off effectively. Quite a tough act to follow indeed. Kudos to your Lady King!


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