I’m Part of the Break-up Blog Series!

Last May, I was one of the blessed ladies that received an invitation to be a guest writer/contributor  about a topic that is quite rampant yet still unlearned now a days, moving on. The advertisement about guest writing received 40 responses in just a matter of week and I am so glad that my entry was chosen!

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What is PayMaya?

Just last March, I went back to business full time by reopening my online boutique named The Brown Spot which has been in hiatus for 5 years. Yes! 5 loooong years!

So, with that being said, I am quite struggling to hit that sale though I understand that it would take time for me to regain the crown that I once had. (lol!) I then saw this “sponsored” post on Facebook so I thought of doing sponsored post for my shop so as to gain higher traffic but what hindered me is the fact that I don’t have any card to use to pay the fee for sponsorship.

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